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Short On Space? Balcony Makeovers Will Turn Any Outdoor Patch Into A Coffee Date Dream

Balcony Makeovers is founder Mahima’s effort to transform the smallest of outdoor spaces into a cosy nook. Tiny, neglected apartment balconies, a medium-sized terrace space or a massive garden, they’ll do it up from scratch, lighting, flooring, decor and all. What they really love {and specialise in} however, are the small corners we apartment dwellers think nothing of.

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About Us

Balcony Makeovers is one-stop source for all landscaping and outdoor space design needs, including balconies, terraces and gardens. We offer wide range of services to fit any budget; be it a professional Design and Consultation or Installation services. We provide both online (for outstation clients) and face to face design consultation, and turn-key service in residential and commercial space. Our installation services are currently available in the Delhi NCR only. We design and consult on projects remotely all over India. 

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